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Name Title Option Advisor
Akella, Prithvi Reliable Controller Synthesis: Guarantees for Safety-Critical System Testing and Verification MCE Ames
Akerson, Andrew James Optimal Design of Soft Responsive Actuators and Impact Resistant Structures MCE Bhattacharya
Buarque de Macedo, Robert Andrew Methods for Control of Granular Material Attributes AM Andrade
Gehlhar, Rachel Model-Based Lower-Limb Powered Prosthesis Control: Developing and Realizing Nonlinear Subsystem Control Methods for Generalizable Prosthesis Control MCE Ames
Gu, Zichen Interparticle Forces and Stress Transfer in Saturated and Unsaturated Granular Systems MCE Ravichandran, Andrade
Kamal, Omar Optimal Receptivity and the Generalization of the One-Way Navier-Stokes (OWNS) Equations to Complex High-Speed Boundary Layers and Jets MCE Colonius
Kim, Brian Lee Kiwon Dynamics of Time-Varying and Nonlinear Phononic Lattices MCE Daraio
Kim, Gunho Wave Propagation in Periodic Acoustic Metamaterials: from 1D to 3D MCE Daraio
Korner, Kevin Andreas Modeling Deformations of Active Rods, Ribbons, and Plates MCE Bhattacharya
Moestopo, Widianto Putra Design, Fabrication, and Mechanical Analysis of Intertwined and Frictional Micro-Architected Materials MCE Greer
Ocegueda, Eric Physics-Based and Data-Driven Computational Models of Inelastic Deformations MCE Bhattacharya
Tang, Ellande Studies on Off-Nominal Rotor Aerodynamics for eVTOL Aircraft MCE Chung
Tucker, Maegan Lindsay Enabling Robust and User-Customized Bipedal Locomotion on Lower-Body Assistive Devices via Hybrid System Theory and Preference-Based Learning MCE Ames
Weeks, John Stephen IV Mechanical Response of Lattice Structures under High Strain-Rate and Shock Loading MCE Ravichandran
Ambrose, Eric Ryan Creating ARCHER: A 3D Hopping Robot with Flywheels for Attitude Control MCE Ames
Ayoubi, Peyman Modeling and Parameterization of Basin Effects for Engineering Design Applications CE Asimaki
Booeshaghi, Ali Sina Foundations and Applications of Single-Cell RNA Sequencing MCE Pachter
Bouman, Amanda Rose Autonomous Mission-Driven Robots in Extreme Environments MCE Burdick
Choi, Alexander Youngsoo Investigation of Electronic Fluctuations in Semiconductor Materials and Devices through First-Principles Simulations and Experiments in Transistor Amplifiers MCE Minnich
Harmon, John Michael Predicting the Strength of Planetary Surfaces AM Andrade
Lee, Marcus Kuok Kuan Instabilities in the Flow Over a Spinning Disk at Angle of Attack MCE Colonius, McKeon
McMahan, Connor Glenn Modeling and Programming Shape-Morphing Structured Media MCE Daraio
Qin, Yidan Autonomous Temporal Understanding and State Estimation during Robot-Assisted Surgery MCE Burdick
Singletary, Andrew Wills Safe Input Regulation for Robotic Systems MCE Ames
Stevens, Benjamin Carter Applications of Machine Learning to Finite Volume Methods MCE Colonius
Sudhir, Kavya Slip Patterns on Heterogeneous Frictional Interfaces MCE Lapusta
Zhou, Hao Accelerated Computational Micromechanics MCE Bhattacharya
Beardsell, Guillaume Numerical Investigation of Compressibility Effects in Reacting Subsonic Flows MCE Blanquart
Chen, Yikai (Katie) Numerical Simulation of Performance and Solar-to-Fuel Conversion Efficiency for Photoelectrochemical Devices MCE Lewis
Cheng, Richard Assuring Safety under Uncertainty in Learning-Based Control Systems MCE Burdick
Filippitzis, Filippos Identification of Structural Damage, Ground Motion Response, and the Benefits of Dense Seismic Instrumentation MCE Heaton, Kohler
Ginsberg, Leah Morgan Multiscale Mechanical Characterization of Subcellular Structures in Living Walled Cells MCE Ravichandran
Injeti, Sai Sharan Multi-Functional Metamaterials MCE Bhattacharya, Daraio
Karapiperis, Konstantinos Multiscale, Data-Driven and Nonlocal Modeling of Granular Materials AM Andrade
Kusanovic, Danilo Smiljan Improving Reduced Order Models of Soil-Structure Interaction Using an Ensemble Kalman Inversion Finite Element Model Updating Framework CE Asimaki
Lee, Victoria Jin-Young Theoretical, Computational, and Experimental Characterization of Nematic Elastomers MCE Bhattacharya
Ma, Wen-Loong From Bipedal to Quadrupedal Locomotion, Experimental Realization of Lyapunov Approaches MCE Ames
Phan-Minh, Tung Contract-Based Design: Theories and Applications MCE Murray
Pickering, Ethan Marcus Resolvent Modeling of Turbulent Jets MCE Colonius
Reher, Jenna Dynamic Bipedal Locomotion: From Hybrid Zero Dynamics to Control Lyapunov Functions via Experimentally Realizable Methods MCE Ames
Roh, Becky Matching Waveform Envelopes for Earthquake Early Warning CE Heaton
Ruan, Joseph Y. Streamwise Homogeneous Turbulent Boundary Layers MCE Blanquart
Teh, Ying Shi Understanding Imperfections and Instabilities in Crystals via Physics-Based and Data-Driven Models MCE Bhattacharya
Xiong, Xiaobin Reduced Order Model Inspired Robotic Bipedal Walking: A Step-to-step Dynamics Approximation based Approach MCE Ames
Yu, Ke Multi-resolution Lattice Green's Function Method for High Reynolds Number External Flows MCE Colonius
Zhang, Haolu Jane Microstructure-Enabled Plasticity in Nano-to-Microscale Materials MCE Greer
Bowkett, Joseph John Douglas Functional Autonomy Techniques for Manipulation in Uncertain Environments MCE Burdick
Gurriet, Thomas Applied Safety Critical Control MCE Ames
Li, Liuchi Linking Micro-Structure to Macro-Behavior of Granular Matter: From Flowing Heterogeneously to Morphing Adaptively AM Andrade
Mac Donald, Kimberley Ann Three-Dimensional Quantitative Visualization for Mechanics of Discontinuous Materials MCE Ravichandran
Moon, Jaeyun Thermal Conduction in Amorphous Materials and the Role of Collective Excitations MCE Minnich
Nguyen, Kien Trung Reduced-Order Model for Dynamic Soil-Pipe Interaction Analysis CE Asimaki
Oniyama, Tomoyuki Shock Compression of Molybdenum Single Crystals to High Stresses MCE Ravichandran
Rah, Kyupaeck Jeff Derivation of Realistic Forcing Schemes to Reproduce Turbulent Characteristics of Round Jets on Centerline MCE Blanquart
Schill, William Joseph Variational and Multiscale Modeling of Amorphous Silica Glass MCE Ortiz
Tanner, Melissa Midori Tethered Motion Planning for a Rappelling Robot MCE Burdick
da Silva, Andre Fernando de Castro An EnKF-based Flow State Estimator for Aerodynamic Problems MCE Colonius
Georgiev, Nikola-Zlatkov Towards High Performance Robotic Actuation MCE Burdick
Mazur, Paul Antoine Benoit Controlling the Buckling Behavior of Bilayered Systems MCE Bhattacharya
Portela G., Carlos Mauricio Fabrication, Mechanical Characterization, and Modeling of 3D Architected Materials upon Static and Dynamic Loading MCE Greer, Kochmann
Shi, Jian Improving Site Response Analysis for Earthquake Ground Motion Modeling CE Asimaki
Tosi, Luís Phillipe Costa Ferreira Fluid-Structure Instability in an Internal Flow Energy Harvester MCE Colonius
Yang, Jin Fast Adaptive Augmented Lagrangian Digital Image Correlation MCE Bhattacharya
Avellar, Louisa Taylor Observations of Failure Phenomena in Periodic Media MCE Ravichandran
Burali, Nicholas Towards a priori Models for Differential Diffusion in Turbulent Non-Premixed Flames MCE Blanquart
Burkhardt, Matthew Ryan Dynamic Modeling and Control of Spherical Robots MCE Burdick
Buyco, John Kenneth Improving Seismic Collapse Risk Assessments of Steel Moment Frame Buildings CE Heaton
Dou, Nicholas Gang Thermal Transport in Three-Dimensional Nanoarchitected Materials MCE Minnich
Goza, Andres Jared Numerical Methods for Fluid-Structure Interaction, and their Application to Flag Flapping MCE Colonius
Kawamoto, Reid Yoshio The Avatar Paradigm in Granular Materials AM Andrade
Maeda, Kazuki Simulation, Experiments, and Modeling of Cloud Cavitation with Application to Burst Wave Lithotripsy MCE Colonius
Marteau, Eloïse Sophie Hélène Laboratory Studies of Granular Materials Under Shear: From Avalanches to Force Chains AM Andrade
Massari, Anthony Thomas Achieving Higher Fidelity Building Response through Emerging Technologies and Analytical Techniques CE Heaton
Saxton-Fox, Theresa Ann Coherent Structures, their Interactions, and their Effects on Passive Scalar Transport and Aero-Optic Distortion in a Turbulent Boundary Layer MCE McKeon
Schaal, Natalie Sarah Ann Modeling of Nucleation and Dynamic Rupture on Heterogeneous Frictional Interfaces with Applications to Foreshocks MCE Lapusta
Sun, Dingyi Proliferation of Twinning in Metals: Application to Magnesium Alloys MCE Bhattacharya, Ortiz
Tembhekar, Ishan The Fully Nonlocal, Finite-Temperature, Adaptive 3D Quasicontinuum Method for Bridging Across Scales MCE Kochmann
Yin, Lucy Reducing Latencies in Earthquake Early Warning CE Heaton
Bhattacharyya, Pinaky Optimal Sensor Placement for Bayesian Parametric Identification of Structures CE Beck
Hsueh, Chun-Jen Effective Toughness of Heterogeneous Materials MCE Bhattacharya
Plucinsky, Paul P. The Deformations of Thin Nematic Elastomer Sheets MCE Bhattacharya
Ravichandran, Navaneetha Krishnan Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Phonon Boundary Scattering in Thin Silicon Membranes MCE Minnich
Zelhofer, Alex James Computational Modeling of the Mechanics of Elastic Structural Lattices: Effects of Lattice Architecture and Hierarchy MCE Kochmann
Agrawal, Vinamra Shock Wave Propagation in Composites and Electro-Thermomechanical Coupling of Ferroelectric Materials MCE Bhattacharya
Allen, Thomas F. Two and Three Finger Caging of Polygons and Polyhedra MCE Burdick
Amelang, Jeffrey Scott A Fully-Nonlocal Energy-based Formulation and High-performance Realization of the Quasicontinuum Method MCE Kochmann
Bobbitt, Brock Douglas Small Scale Turbulence in High Karlovitz Number Premixed Flames MCE Blanquart
Chang, Yingrui (Ray) A Continuum Model for Slip-Twinning Interactions in Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys MCE Kochmann
Choi, Jeesoon Unsteady Aerodynamics and Optimal Control of an Airfoil at Low Reynolds Number MCE Colonius
Dizon, Abel Bermie Roberto A Hybrid-Parallel Framework for the Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of Very Tall Buildings CE Hall
Dunne, Reeve Dynamic Stall on Vertical Axis Wind Turbines MCE McKeon
Hua, Chengyun Exploring Thermal Phonon Transport from Atomic to Macroscopic Scales for Energy Conversion and Management MCE Minnich
Hurley, Ryan Colt Force Chains, Friction, and Flow: Behavior of Granular Media across Length Scales AM Andrade
Janover, Christopher George SteelConverter and Caltech VirtualShaker: Rapid Nonlinear Cloud-Based Structural Model Conversion and Analysis CE Heaton
Jerves Cobo, Alex Xavier Microscopic Origin of Macroscopic Strength in Granular Media: A Numerical and Analytical Approach AM Andrade
Karakus, Gokcan Real-Time Bayesian Analysis of Ground Motion Envelopes for Earthquake Early Warning CE Heaton
Martinez-Ortiz, Monica Paola Fluid Transport by Aggregations of Small Swimming Organisms MCE Dabiri
Meza, Lucas Rosendo Design, Fabrication, and Mechanical Property Analysis of 3D Nanoarchitected Materials MCE Greer
Mital, Utkarsh Understanding Micro- and Macro-Mechanics of Soil Liquefaction: A Necessary Step for Field-Scale Assessment AM Andrade
Mitchell, Sarah Louise Topology Optimization of Silicon Anode Structures for Lithium-Ion Battery Applications MCE Ortiz
Natsiavas, Panagiotis Philippos Stability of Electrode-Electrolyte Interfaces During Charging in Lithium Batteries MCE Ortiz
Runnels, Brandon Scott A Model for Energy and Morphology of Crystalline Grain Boundaries with Arbitrary Geometric Character MCE Ortiz
Shankar, Krishna Kinematics and Local Motion Planning for Quasi-static Whole-body Mobile Manipulation MCE Burdick
Towne, Aaron S. Advancements in Jet Turbulence and Noise Modeling: Accurate One-Way Solutions and Empirical Evaluation of the Nonlinear Forcing of Wavepackets MCE Colonius
Tsai, Hsieh-Chen Numerical Investigation of Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines at Low Reynolds Number MCE Colonius
Yan, Wen Dynamics of Chemically Active Suspensions MCE Brady
Aitken, Zachary Howard Effect of Microstructural Interfaces on the Mechanical Response of Crystalline Metallic Materials MCE Greer
Aryanfar, Asghar Dendrites Inhibition in Rechargeable Lithium Metal Batteries MCE Hoffmann
Coralic, Vedran Simulation of Shock-Induced Bubble Collapse with Application to Vascular Injury in Shockwave Lithotripsy MCE Colonius
Gomez, Marcella Mary On the Role of Delays in Biological Systems : Analysis and Design MCE Murray
Heyden, Stefanie Micromechanical Damage and Fracture in Elastomeric Polymers AM Ortiz
Hulikal Sampath Kumaran, Srivatsan Collective Behavior of Asperities as a Model for Friction and Adhesion MCE Lapusta, Bhattacharya
Lim, Keng-Wit Discrete Modeling of Granular Media: A NURBS-based Approach AM Andrade
Linares-Guerrero, Esperanza Crystal Experimental Study on Inertial Effects in Liquid-Solid Flows MCE Hunt
Mourhatch, Ramses Quantifying Earthquake Collapse Risk of Tall Steel Braced Frame Buildings Using Rupture-to-Rafters Simulations CE Heaton, Krishnan
Rauls, Michael Brian Shock Wave Behavior of Particulate Composites MCE Ravichandran
Siriki, Hemanth Quantifying Earthquake Collapse Risk of Tall Steel Moment Frame Buildings Using Rupture-to-Rafters Simulations CE Krishnan, Heaton
Thevamaran, Ramathasan Rate and Microstructure Effects on the Dynamics of Carbon Nanotube Foams MCE Daraio
Veeraraghavan, Swetha Toppling Analysis of Precariously Balanced Rocks under Earthquake Excitation CE Krishnan, Hall
Wang, Xin C. A Variational Framework for Spectral Discretization of the Density Matrix in Kohn-Sham Density Functional Theory MCE Bhattacharya, Ortiz
Bjornsson, Arnar Bjorn A Retrofitting Framework for Pre-Northridge Steel Moment-Frame Buildings CE Hall
Carroll, Phares Lynn Towards Understanding the Mixing Characteristics of Turbulent Buoyant Flows MCE Blanquart
Cheng, Ming Hei New Applications that Come from Extending Seismic Networks into Buildings CE Heaton
Della Rocca, Gerry V. A Novel Methodology for Simulating Contact-Line Behavior in Capillary-Driven Flows MCE Blanquart
Desautels, Thomas Anthony Spinal Cord Injury Therapy through Active Learning MCE Burdick
Heckman, Vanessa Mary Damage Detection in Civil Structures using High-Frequency Seismograms CE Heaton
Miller, Madeline Diane The Deep Ocean Density Structure at the Last Glacial Maximum: What Was It and Why? MCE Adkins
Song, Shiyan A New Ground Motion Intensity Measure, Peak Filtered Acceleration (PFA), to Estimate Collapse Vulnerability of Buildings in Earthquakes CE Heaton
Warmann, Emily Cathryn Design Strategies for Ultra-High Efficiency Photovoltaics MCE Atwater
Wu, Stephen Future of Earthquake Early Warning: Quantifying Uncertainty and Making Fast Automated Decisions for Applications CE Beck
Elzinga, Michael John Flight Dynamics in Drosophila Through a Dynamically-scaled Robotic Approach MCE Dickinson
Giang, Ha Thanh Coupled Effects of Mechanics, Geometry, and Chemistry on Bio-Membrane Behavior MCE Bhattacharya
Hebert, Paul Estimation and Inference for Grasping and Manipulation Tasks Using Vision and Kinesthetic Sensors MCE Burdick
Leonard, Andrea Beth Controlling Wave Propagation through Nonlinear Engineered Granular Systems AM Daraio
Moeller, Robert Carlos Current Transport and Onset-Related Phenomena in an MPD Thruster Modified by Applied Magnetic Fields MCE Shepherd, Polk
Notbohm, Jacob K. Dynamics of Cell–Matrix Mechanical Interactions in Three Dimensions MCE Ravichandran
Penmecha, Bharat Prasad Fracture of Materials Undergoing Solid-Solid Phase Transformation MCE Bhattacharya
Richards, Andrew Walter Interplay of Martensitic Phase Transformation and Plastic Slip in Polycrystals MCE Bhattacharya
Somala, Surendra Nadh Source Imaging with Dense Sensor Networks: Inversions Based on Adjoint Methods CE Ampuero, Lapusta
Xu, Huan Design, Specification, and Synthesis of Aircraft Electric Power Systems Control Logic MCE Murray
Abad-Manterola, Pablo Axel Rover Tethered Dynamics and Motion Planning on Extreme Planetary Terrain MCE Burdick
Cho, In Ho Virtual Earthquake Engineering Laboratory with Physics-Based Degrading Materials on Parallel Computers CE Hall
Thomas, Vaughan Lamar Particle-Based Modeling of Ni-YSZ Anodes MCE Shepherd, Goodwin
Brown, Justin Lee High Pressure Hugoniot Measurements in Solids Using Mach Reflections MCE Ravichandran
Elbanna, Ahmed Ettaf Pulselike Ruptures on Strong Velocity-Weakening Frictional Interfaces: Dynamics and Implications CE Heaton
Hurtado Sepulveda , Daniel Esteban Multiscale Modeling of Microcrystalline Materials MCE Ortiz
Kovalchick, Christopher Mechanics of Peeling: Cohesive Zone Law and Stability MCE Ravichandran
Meier, John Allen A Novel Experimental Study of a Valveless Impedance Pump for Applications at Lab-On-Chip, Microfluidic, and Biomedical Device Size Scales MCE Gharib
Perotti, Luigi Emanuele Modeling the Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Sandwich Structures Subjected to Underwater Explosions MCE Ortiz
Zia, Roseanna Nellie Individual Particle Motion in Colloids: Microviscosity, Microdiffusivity, and Normal Stresses MCE Brady
Ando, Keita Effects of Polydispersity in Bubbly Flows MCE Colonius, Brennen
Du Toit, Noel Eduard Robot Motion Planning in Dynamic, Cluttered, and Uncertain Environments: the Partially Closed-Loop Receding Horizon Control Approach MCE Burdick
Guðmundsson, Kristján Instability Wave Models of Turbulent Jets from Round and Serrated Nozzles MCE Colonius
Hanna, Jeffrey Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell Electrode Microstructures: Making Sense of the Internal Framework Affecting Gas Transport MCE Shepherd
Joe, Won Tae Optimized Feedback Control of Vortex Shedding on an Inclined Flat Plate MCE Colonius
Krimmel, Jeffrey James Numerical Simulation of Wave Focusing and Scattering in Shock Wave Lithotripsy MCE Colonius
Li, Xiaobai An Experimental and Numerical Study of Normal Particle Collisions in a Viscous Liquid MCE Hunt
Ma, Jeremy Chee-Ming Real-Time Applications of 3D Object Detection and Tracking MCE Burdick
Pekarek, David N. Variational Methods for Control and Design of Bipedal Robot Models MCE Marsden
Roumi, Farshid Shape Changing Transformations: Interactions with Plasticity and Electrochemical Processes MCE Bhattacharya
Roy, Anthony Mathew Neuro-Evolution Using Recombinational Algorithms and Embryogenesis for Robotic Control MCE Antonsson, Shapiro, Burdick
Ruiz, Lydia Ann The Role of Unsteady Hydrodynamics in the Propulsive Performance of a Self-Propelled Bioinspired Vehicle MCE Dabiri
Vriend, Nathalie Maria Booming Sand Dunes MCE Hunt, Clayton
Wongpiromsarn, Tichakorn Formal Methods for Design and Verification of Embedded Control Systems: Application to an Autonomous Vehicle MCE Murray
Braman, Julia Marie Badger Safety Verification and Failure Analysis of Goal-Based Hybrid Control Systems MCE Murray
Cheung, Sai Hung Stochastic Analysis, Model and Reliability Updating of Complex Systems with Applications to Structural Dynamics CE Beck
Ciucci, Francesco Continuum Modeling of Mixed Conductors: A Study of Ceria MCE Goodwin, Culick
Franck, Jennifer Ann Large-Eddy Simulation of Flow Separation and Control on a Wall-Mounted Hump MCE Colonius
Habbal, Feras The Optimal Transportation Meshfree Method for General Fluid Flows and Strongly Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems MCE Ortiz
Hudson, Nicolas Henry Inference in Hybrid Systems with Applications in Neural Prosthetics MCE Burdick
Kelly, Alex A Constitutive Relation for Shape-Memory Alloys AM Bhattacharya, Murray
Koos, Erin Crystal Rheological Measurements in Liquid-Solid Flows MCE Hunt
Liu, Yi Three-Dimensional Elastodynamic Modeling of Frictional Sliding with Application to Intersonic Transition MCE Lapusta
Lucas, Leonard Joseph Uncertainty Quantification Using Concentration-of-Measure Inequalities MCE Ortiz
Sutoyo, Daniel Hysteretic Characteristics of Wood-Frame Structures Under Seismic Motions CE Hall
Yang, Jing Nonlinear Responses of High-Rise Buildings in Giant Subduction Earthquakes CE Heaton
Yogev, Or Computational Evolutionary Embryogeny AM Antonsson, Shapiro
Zheng, Ling Wrinkling of Dielectric Elastomer Membranes MCE Ravichandran, Bhattacharya
Carson, John Maurice, III Robust Model Predictive Control with a Reactive Safety Mode MCE Murray, MacMynowski, Acikmese
Dunlop, Mary Julia Dynamics and Correlated Noise in Gene Regulation MCE Murray
El Sayed, Tamer Constitutive models for polymers and soft biological tissues MCE Ortiz
Epstein, Michael Steven Managing Information in Networked and Multi-Agent Control Systems MCE Murray
Fontaine, Ebraheem Ihsan Automated Visual Tracking for Behavioral Analysis of Biological Model Organisms MCE Burdick
Honda, Tomonori MCE Antonsson
Jackson, Winston Paul Characterization of Soft Polymers and Gels Using the Pressure-Bulge Technique AM Ravichandran
Jiang, Hao Adaptive Feature Selection in Pattern Recognition and Ultra-Wideband Radar Signal Analysis MCE Burdick
Johnsen, Eric Numerical Simulations of Non-Spherical Bubble Collapse with Applications to Shockwave Lithotripsy MCE Colonius
Kao, Shannon Theresa Detonation Stability with Reversible Kinetics MCE Shepherd
Liang, Yongqiang Robotic Training for Motor Rehabilitation after Complete Spinal Cord Injury MCE Burdick, Edgerton
Nicaise, Fabien Automated Design Synthesis of Structures using Growth Enhanced Evolution MCE Antonsson
Oh, Chang Kook Bayesian Learning for Earthquake Engineering Applications and Structural Health Monitoring CE Beck
Olsen, Anna H. Steel Moment-Resisting Frame Responses in Simulated Strong Ground Motions: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Big One CE Heaton
Ruiz-Angulo, Angel Surface Deformation in a Liquid Environment Resulting from Single Particle Collisions MCE Hunt
Taflanidis, Alexandros Angelos Stochastic System Design and Applications to Stochastically Robust Structural Control CE Beck
Taira, Kunihiko (Sam) The Immersed Boundary Projection Method and Its Application to Simulation and Control of Flows Around Low-Aspect-Ratio Wings MCE Colonius
Wolf, Julie Anne A Plasticity Model to Predict the Effects of Confinement on Concrete CE Hall
Wolf, Michael Timothy Target Tracking Using Clustered Measurements, with Applications to Autonomous Brain-Machine Interfaces MCE Burdick
Bradford, Samuel Case, V Time-Frequency Analysis of Systems with Changing Dynamic Properties CE Heaton
Brès, Guillaume Alain Numerical Simulations of Three-Dimensional Instabilities in Cavity Flows MCE Colonius
Chung, Timothy Hahn Deut Intelligent Information-Gathering: Using Control for Sensing and Decision-Making MCE Burdick, Murray
Daly, Samantha Hayes Deformation and Fracture of Thin Sheets of Nitinol MCE Bhattacharya, Ravichandran
Dayal, Kaushik Nonlocal Microstructural Mechanics of Active Materials MCE Bhattacharya
El-Naggar, Mohamed Y. Textured Ferroelectric Thin Films: Synthesis, Characterization, and Influence of Compositional Grading on the Dielectric Behavior MCE Goodwin
Gavini, Vikram Electronic Structure Calculations at Macroscopic Scales MCE Ortiz, Bhattacharya
Hao, Yong Numerical Study of Single-Chamber Solid Oxide Fuel Cells MCE Goodwin
Klamo, Joseph Thomas Effects of Damping and Reynolds Number on Vortex-Induced Vibrations MCE Leonard, Gharib, Roshko
Kolasinski, Robert David Fundamental Ion-Surface Interactions in Plasma Thrusters MCE Culick
Kulkarni, Yashashree Coarse-Graining of Atomistic Description at Finite Temperature AM Ortiz
Mitrani-Reiser, Judith An Ounce of Prevention: Probabilistic Loss Estimation for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering AM Beck
Motahari, Seyed-Maziar Study of Constitutive Behavior of Ferroelectrics via Self-Consistent Modeling and Neutron Diffraction MCE Ustundag, Bhattacharya
Muto, Matthew Mokihana Application of Stochastic Simulation Methods to System Identification CE Beck
Polsenberg Thomas, AnnMarie Exploration into the Feasibility of Underwater Synthetic Jet Propulsion MCE Burdick
Wang, Bingwen Information-Theoretic Methods for Modularity in Engineering Design MCE Antonsson
Yamada, Masumi Early Warning for Earthquakes with Large Rupture Dimension CE Heaton
Branchaud, Edward Allan A Control System for Positioning Recording Electrodes to Isolate Neurons in Extracellular Recordings MCE Burdick
Cremean, Lars Brör System Architectures and Environment Modeling for High-Speed Autonomous Navigation MCE Murray
Inamdar, Mandar Mukund Dissipative Nanomechanics AM Phillips
Kang, Dal Mo Measurements of Combustion Dynamics with Laser-Based Diagnostic Techniques MCE Culick
Kriechbaum, Kristopher Lars Tools and Algorithms for Mobile Robot Navigation with Uncertain Localization MCE Burdick
Lykotrafitis, Georgios C. Experimental Study of Dynamic Frictional Sliding Modes along Incoherent Interfaces MCE Rosakis
Pfister, Samuel Thomas Algorithms for Mobile Robot Localization and Mapping, Incorporating Detailed Noise Modeling and Multi-scale Feature Extraction MCE Burdick
Sadjadpour, Amir A Micromechanics-Inspired Three-Dimensional Constitutive Model for the Thermomechanical Response of Shape-Memory Alloys AM Bhattacharya
Tao, Min High Temperature Deformation of Vitreloy Bulk Metallic Glasses and Their Composite AM Ravichandran
Yang, Fu-Ling Interaction Law for a Collision Between Two Solid Particles in a Viscous Liquid MCE Hunt
Zhang, Yizhen Engineering Design Synthesis of Sensor and Control Systems for Intelligent Vehicles MCE Antonsson
Alves, Steven Wayne Nonlinear Analysis of Pacoima Dam with Spatially Nonuniform Ground Motion CE Hall
Boland, Stacey Walker Sol-Gel Synthesis of Highly Oriented Lead Barium Titanate and Lanthanum Nickelate Thin Films for High Strain Sensor and Actuator Applications MCE Haile
Cua, Georgia B. Creating the Virtual Seismologist: Developments in Ground Motion Characterization and Seismic Early Warning CE Heaton
Hostler, Stephen Richard Wave Propagation in Granular Materials MCE Brennen, Hunt
Humbert, James Sean Bio-Inspired Visuomotor Convergence in Navigation and Flight Control Systems MCE Murray
Romero-Talamás, Carlos Alejandro Investigations of Spheromak Plasma Dynamics: High-Speed Imaging at the Sustained Spheromak Physics Experiment and Magnetic Diagnostics at the Caltech Spheromak Experiment MCE Bellan
Thunnissen, Daniel Pierre Propagating and Mitigating Uncertainty in the Design of Complex Multidisciplinary Systems MCE Culick
Xia, Kaiwen Laboratory Investigations of Earthquake Dynamics MCE Rosakis, Kanamori
Xiao, Yu The Influence of Oxygen Vacancies on Domain Patterns in Ferroelectric Perovskites MCE Bhattacharya
Yavari, Arash Atomic Structure of Ferroelectric Domain Walls, Free Surfaces and Steps AM Ortiz, Bhattacharya
Aydiner, Cahit Can Investigation of Thermal Tempering in Bulk Metallic Glasses AM Ustundag
Cao, Shiyan Spike Train Characterization and Decoding for Neural Prosthetic Devices MCE Burdick, Andersen
Chenchiah, Isaac Vikram Energy-Minimizing Microstructures in Multiphase Elastic Solids AM Bhattacharya
Clinton, John Francis Modern Digital Seismology: Instrumentation, and Small Amplitude Studies in the Engineering World CE Heaton
Cooper, Marcia Ann Impulse Generation by Detonation Tubes MCE Shepherd
Klug, William Scott A Director-Field Theory of DNA Packaging in Bacteriophage Viruses MCE Ortiz
Krishnan, Swaminathan Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Analysis of Tall Irregular Steel Buildings Subject to Strong Ground Motion CE Hall
Preston, Alastair Thomas Modeling Heat and Mass Transfer in Bubbly Cavitating Flows and Shock Waves in Cavitating Nozzles MCE Colonius
Ran, Hongyu Numerical Study of the Dynamics and Sound Generation of a Turbulent Vortex Ring MCE Colonius
Scruggs, Jeffrey Thomas Structural Control Using Regenerative Force Actuation Networks AM Iwan
Shaikhutdinov, Rustem Vil Structural Damage Evaluation: Theory and Applications to Earthquake Engineering AM Beck
Tanguay, Michel Computation of Bubbly Cavitating Flow in Shock Wave Lithotripsy MCE Colonius
Camelo, Vanessa Sabrina Dynamic Characteristics of Woodframe Buildings CE Beck, Hall
Gallivan, Martha Anne Modeling and Control of Epitaxial Thin Film Growth MCE Murray
Guyader, Andrew Charles A Statistical Approach to Equivalent Linearization with Application to Performance-Based Engineering CE Iwan
Hung, Patrick Hin Fun Algorithms for Reaction Mechanism Reduction and Numerical Simulation of Detonations Initiated by Projectiles MCE Shepherd
Joseph Gonzalez, Gustavo Collisional Dynamics of Macroscopic Particles in a Viscous Fluid MCE Hunt
Mason, Richard James Fluid Locomotion and Trajectory Planning for Shape-Changing Robots MCE Burdick
Matveev, Konstantin Ivanovich Thermoacoustic Instabilities in the Rijke Tube: Experiments and Modeling MCE Culick
Radford, James Edward Symmetry, Reduction and Swimming in a Perfect Fluid MCE Burdick
Wang, Xiaoou Set Mapping in the Method of Imprecision MCE Antonsson
Anderson, David Deloyd Experimental Investigation of Quasistatic and Dynamic Fracture Properties of Titanium Alloys AM Rosakis, Ravichandran
Eldredge, Jeffrey D. A Dilating Vortex Particle Method for Compressible Flow with Applications to Aeroacoustics MCE Colonius, Leonard
Lee, Cin-Young Efficient Automatic Engineering Design Synthesis Via Evolutionary Exploration MCE Antonsson
Lu, Jun Mechanical Behavior of a Bulk Metallic Glass and Its Composite Over a Wide Range of Strain Rates and Temperatures MCE Ravichandran
Purohit, Prashant Kishore Dynamics of Phase Transitions in Strings, Beams and Atomic Chains AM Bhattacharya
Rowley, Clarence Worth, III Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Cavity Flow Oscillations MCE Colonius
Yuen, Ka-Veng Model Selection, Identification and Robust Control for Dynamical Systems CE Beck
Zhu, Weidong Nonlinearly Viscoelastic Response of Glassy Polymers MCE Knauss
Au, Siu-Kui On the Solution of First Excursion Problems by Simulation with Applications to Probabilistic Seismic Performance Assessment CE Beck
Blandino, John Joseph Application of Diamond Films to Electric Propulsion: Low Energy Sputter Yield Measurement and MPD Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition MCE Goodwin
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