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A Symposium in Honor of Professor Theodore Yao-Tsu Wu's 90th Birthday

September 26, 2014


This Symposium not only marks the 90th birthday of Theodore Yao-Tsu Wu but also celebrates the remarkable lifetime achievements and contributions of a true gentleman and scholar. Ted’s marvelous and multi-faceted contributions to fluid mechanics and engineering science are, of course, archived in his broad-ranging scholarly contributions to subjects as diverse as cavitation, ship hydrodynamics, water waves, fish and micro-organism locomotion. But, even more special, has been his guidance and mentorship of many generations of young scholars now spread throughout the world. In essence, this day will honor a very special human being and will witness many tributes to Ted’s selfless humanity, kindness, generosity and compassion.


Location: Beckman Institute Auditorium

9:15-9:45 am Registration and coffee
9:45-10:00 am Welcome and introductions
10:00-10:30 am Ocean Wave Mechanics: Solving Sea Surface Mysteries
Professor Marshall Tulin, University of California, Santa Barbara
10:30-11:00 am Cloaking in the Diffraction Problem of Water Waves
Professor J. Nicholas Newman, M.I.T.
11:00-11:30 am Break
11:30-12:00 pm Water Waves and Current Through a Forest of Cylinders
Professor Chiang C. Mei, M.I.T.
12:00-12:30 pm Numerical Simulation of Local Tsunamis in China Coasts
Professor Hua Liu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
12:30-2:00 pm Lunch (Dabney Lounge)
2:00-2:30 pm Pursuing Higher and Deeper in Energy Research
Professor Yong Hao, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
2:30-3:00 pm What is Frequency?
Professor Norden E. Huang, National Central University, Taiwan
3:00-3:15 pm Break
3:15-3:45 pm From Nodal Cilia to the Kelvin Impulse
Professor John R. Blake, University of Birmingham
3:45-4:15 pm Spinning Rods, Microfluidics, and Propulsion of Fluid by Primary Cilia
Professor Roberto Camassa, University of North Carolina
4:15-4:45 pm Bubbles Emerging from a Submerged Granular Bed
Professor Chris Brennen, Emeritus
6:30-9:00 pm Dinner at Athenaeum (by invitation)
Special Speaker: Dr. Gary Guthart, Intuitive Surgical Inc.

The Organizing Committee

Chris Brennen, Richard L. and Dorothy M. Hayman Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Emeritus
Tom Hou,
Tim Colonius,
Leslie Rico,
Laura Grinnell,


Leslie Rico
(626) 395-3389


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