Raiders of the Lost Can

29th Annual Engineering Design Competition

Tuesday, March 11, 2014, 1:00pm, Brown Gym Basketball Court

The Mission

The fundamental challenge of engineering is solving problems while meeting basic constraints. This year ME72 students formed teams to design, build, and operate, under manual and/or autonomous control, one or more air or ground vehicles that can:

  • Autonomously (not under direct radio control) retrieve their empty soup can from their restricted zone, one of two four-foot cubes near the opposite basketball hoops
  • Place their can nearest the center of a five-foot platform in the middle of the court
  • Prevent the opposing team from placing their can on the platform

The team whose can is closest to the center of the platform at the end of the heat wins.

The Challenge

  • The double-elimination competition is divided into rounds. Each round consists of 4-minute heats among the remaining teams, where a heat consists of a head-to-head contest between two teams. After two losses, a team is eliminated from the competition.
  • Access to the platform is either by climbing steeply inclined ramps or by air. One pair of ramps is covered with steel sheeting, while the other pair is covered with wooden cleats. The ramps are inclined at an angle that makes preventing slipping difficult.
  • A team’s vehicle may not enter the opposing team’s restricted zone while the zone contains the opposing team’s can
  • Vehicles may block or upset opposing vehicles, but may not inflict intentional damage.
  • Vehicles may steal the opposing team’s can.

2014 Sponsors:
IdeaLab NorthropGrumman Schlumberger MCE EAS

Photos by Bob Paz

Team Name Team Members
40 Pc Chicken McNuggets [Winner] James Bern
Monica Enlow
Justin Koch
Matthew Queen

Erin Evans
Richie Hernandez
Bryan Joel
Derek Kearney

Black Widow Harry Golash
Hima Hassenruck-Gudipati
Galina Malakhova
Cunning Stunts
Joseph Greef
Sean Keenan
Shalini Majumdar
Harrison Miller
Brandon Robinson
Fellowship of the Can Amir Abdolrahim
Keshav Amla
Wilton Liano
Alejandro Sanchez
Soup Nazis Christopher Culpepper
Trisha Guchait
Ashley Lo
Juan Ocampo