The Conquest of Millikan Islands

27th Annual Engineering Design Competition

Thursday, March 8, 2012, Millikan Pond
Robotics Anonymous

The Mission

The fundamental challenge of engineering is solving problems while meeting basic constraints. The ME72 students were tasked to design, build, and operate under manual and/or autonomous control a team of vehicles that will:

  • Retrieve Ping-Pong balls from a land-based dispenser.
  • Place these balls in island containers in the water.
  • Navigate autonomously to deposit a ball on an island in the autonomous zone.
  • Return from, and exit, the autonomous zone.
  • Compete with the opposing team to reduce their score while maintaining their own.

The Challenge

The contest period is divided into rounds. Each round consists of 5 minute heats, where a heat consists of a head-to-head competition between two teams. After two losses a team will be eliminated from the competition. Each heat is divided into these 4 main intervals. The winner will be the team with the most points at the end of the competition.

2012 Sponsors:
Energent HydraElectric NorthropGrumman Schlumberger

Team Number Team Members Team Name
Jacinto Dominguez
Hanna Dodd
Matt Fu
Christine Viveiros
Dim Sum 41
Supriya Iyer
Vivian Zhang
Timea Kosztin
Mason Freedman
Sebastián Rojas Mata
Flying Dutchmen
Stephen Schwee
Brice Nzeukou
Aric Fitz-Coy
Blaine Matulevich
Eric Chang
Thimal de Alwis
Stephany Lai
Adrian Mitrea
Wesley Swank
Thomas Harris
Kent Koyanagi
Peter Ngo
Arjun Subramani Chandar
Ayooluwakunmi Oluwafemi Jeje
Xiaotong (Tony) Wu
Nikola Georgiev
Rambo SWAG
Diego Caporale
Vicky Yuan Tian
Rory Shevin
Anum Jang Sher
Zipeng (Hunter) Zhao
Robotics Anonymous (Winner)