Revenge of the Hindenburg

2009-2010 ME 72 Engineering Design Laboratory and Competition

The Mission


Design, build, and deploy a team of vehicles that will:

  • Release ping pong balls from receptacles at different heights;
  • Gather and deliver the released ping pong balls to different scoring zones;
  • Pass a team vehicle through an 8 foot diameter hoop located 15 feet above the ground;
  • Position your vehicles within a "finishing area" by the end of each heat.

The Challenge

The contest is a double-elimination tournament where teams (three students) will compete in head-to-head heats. Each team will have 45 seconds to place their system within a launching zone, and then a 3 minute period during which all of the scoring takes place.

Team # Team Members Team Name
1 Suzanna Piatt
Gerry Salinas
Alex Smith
Munth Airborne Division (M.A.D.)
2 Jack Cochran
Calvin Kuo
Dylan Lee
Lin Li
3 Sacheth Dunatunga
Sang Ha Shin
Hoi Yee Nam
Fly Nike
4 Swati Bhanderi
Joshua Hutchins
Brian Mok
Sitanun Sakulkaew
Fatal Chopsticks
5 Tyler Hannasch
Stacy Levine
Ryan Newton
Stacy and the Real Men of Genius
6 Ben Flora
Daryl Coleman
Tamas Szalay
Team Blitzkrieg
7 Peggy Allen
Russell Newman
Allison Saltzman
Not Sure Yet!
8 Xi (Cece) Chen
Albert Ho
Michelle Jiang
Mach 8
9 Long Nguyen
Robbie Paolini
Paul Suffoletta
Team Up