Power-On Energy Cook Off

2005-2006 ME 72 Engineering Design Laboratory and Competition


The Mission

The goal of the ME 72 contest is for student teams to design a small Stirling engine, which will be powered from waste heat from a low-temperature source. This small engine (power production on the order of 1 W) can be used to power a device of the student's choosing (such as a fan, a light bulb,…).

The Challenge

There are restrictions on size, source of heat, and materials that can be used in the engine. By midterms, students will be asked to submit a proposal that outlines the device design as well as specifications for power, speed, size and cost. A “Power On” (a contest modeled on a cook-off) will be held at the end of the quarter (December 1, 2005). The winner will be determined based on a range of factors including creative use of output power, quality of design and manufacturing, engine power and speed, as well as a determination of how well student devices meet design specification.

A Stirling engine is an externally-heated engine that can run on virtually any fuel or heat source. For the contest, the input heat to the engines will be from waste heat from a large cooking griddle in Chandler Dining Hall. During the contest, however, the griddle will only be used for powering the engines and not for cooking pancakes.

Team Number
Team Member
Team Name
Kevin Monajati
Jason Yosinski
Engine 9 - The Little Engine That Could
Tony Kelman
Andrew Pullin

Engine 13 - The Klanking Kacophony of Kogs and Krankshafts

Ambrus Csaszar
Steven Gray
Engine 17 - Powerhaus
Alexandria Grubbs
Bing Huo
Engine 28 - Thomas the Stirling Engine
Gabriel Molina
Rudra Roy
Engine 72 - The Stirling Powered Christmas Tree
Rebekah Eason
Gustavo Olm
Engine 11 - GrillMaster
Andrew Kwok
Daniel Oliver
Engine 15 - Team Ramrod
Mary Ollenburger
Vera Pavel
Engine 23 - Green Elephant
Joseph Koehler
Craig Montuori
Engine 42 - Clockwork Orange
Brian Hanley
Kurtis Ras
Engine 77 - STEVE