Cage Against the Machine

2003-2004 ME 72 Engineering Design Laboratory and Competition

The Mission

The object of this year's contest is to design and build a device which, in collaboration with a teammate's device, will move a cage assembly from the center of a square table into a team scoring zone. At the start of the contest, the teams' devices are located inside the cage. In each contest, each device will strive to combine speed, strength, creativity, finesse, guile, strategy, etc., to complement and assist its teammate's device in out-performing the opposing team's devices.

2004 2004

The Teams

Luigi Celano and Margot Kimura
Tom Lasko and Lauren Wessel
Zac Dydek and Tom Vanderslice Francisco Medina and Kayte Fischer
Jesse Escobedo and Colleen Moody Dylan Owens and Benjamin Solecki
Vicente Fernandez and Kathryn Hsu Jessica Reynolds and Tracy Janov
Scott Fleming and Alejandro Munoz Katherine Stoy and Veasna Sok
Mike Lammers and Joanna Cohen Kyle Chrystal and Dr. X