James K. Knowles Lecture
and Caltech Solid Mechanics Symposium

Friday, January 24, 2014, Lees-Kubota Auditorium

Event Program

Time Speaker Title
9:00–10:00am Pierre M. Suquet Keynote Speech: Model Reduction in Multiscale Problems Focusing on Polar Ice
10:00–10:30am Refreshments
10:30–10:55am Vito Rubino
Imaging of Earthquakes from Space: A Laboratory Study
10:55–11:20am Xin Ning
Grad Student
Breaking Symmetry in Axially Loaded Cylindrical Shells
11:20–11:45am Srivatsan Hulikal
Grad Student
Collective Behavior of Single-Asperity Contacts, Implications for Macroscale Static and Kinetic Friction
11:45–12:10pm Utkarsh Mital
Grad Student
Mechanics of Origin of Liquefaction Instability
12:10–1:30pm Lunch
1:30–1:55pm Stefanie Heyden
Grad Student
A Deformation and Failure Model of Polyurea
1:55–2:20pm Jun Li
A Large Deformation Viscoelastic Model of NASA Superpressure Balloon Film
2:20–2:45pm Mike Rauls
Grad Student
Shock Wave Structure in Particulate Composites
2:45–3:00pm Refreshments
3:00–3:25pm Hayden Burgoyne
Grad Student
Building 3D Metamaterials from the Contact Between Elasto-Plastic Spheres
3:25–3:50pm Neel Nadkarni
Grad Student
Dynamics of Periodic Chains Containing Bistable Negative-Stiffness Elements: From Elastic to Solitary Wave Propagation
3:50–4:15pm Lucas Meza
Grad Student
Fabrication and Deformation of 3D Hollow Ceramic Nanolattice Structures
4:15–4:40pm Xin (Cindy) Wang
Grad Student
Density Functional Theory Implementations for Large Scale Problems
5:00–6:00pm Social

All of the events are open to the Caltech community and friends and colleagues of James K. Knowles.


James K. Knowles Lecture

Lynn Seymour, Department Administrator
Telephone: (626) 395-4107

Caltech Solid Mechanics Symposium

Lucas Meza, Graduate Student

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